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Wealthy individuals are increasingly incorporating alternative residence and citizenship into their investment portfolios, given their ability to expand business operations and extend market reach.

This new asset class also secures greater global influence and opportunities and safeguards investors against volatile markets and political instability that put pressure on risk-based assets such as equities.

Like a precious metal or AAA-rated sovereign securities, alternative residence and/or citizenship are a safe-haven investment — with the additional benefit of providing options for improved physical safety for HNW individuals and their families.


Acquiring alternative residence or citizenship diversifies investor risk by providing optimal protection against global economic and political volatility. Not least, holding alternative residence or citizenship ensures access to an extended suite of opportunities for business, education, investment, and mobility.

The ability for strategic investors to hold multiple citizenships prevents them from being dependent on a single country, enabling them to make autonomous decisions regarding the deployment of their capital and to pursue their interests with fewer restrictions.

Global investors are embracing residence- and citizenship-by-investment as a new asset class to unlock risk management options and optimise a high-net-worth (HNW) portfolio.

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